Welcome to the Gallery section of the site! Here you'll find pieces of my artwork - all of which are for sale! (shameless plug) It's the usual deal - click on one of the images to see a bigger version.

As an artist (and it's taken a long time for me to accept that title for myself), I have always been 
fascinated by nature and more specifically animals and birds. I try to capture their beauty, colour and movement, most of the time in a fairly representational style. 

In terms of technique I favour watercolour for its fluidity and its ease and speed of use, pen and ink, and I still have a fondness for coloured pencils even though they're very slow to use! 

I've started to play with linocut prints recently and you'll start to see more of them appearing here and in the blog section of the site. I love the texture and quality of the ink with prints, and the imperfections that make each piece unique despite being able to do multiple copies using the same print block.

If you would like to purchase any of the pieces in the Gallery, please contact me, and we can discuss pricing, postage and delivery.

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