Next work in progress

So, here we have the next work in progress on my desk... or several desks really as I've been working on this at work today as I've had a very boring supervision job to do, and if I hadn't taken this in to do I would have gone bonkers very quickly indeed.

Not the best shot in the world, but it'll do. This is the next in a series of three pieces - the first was the fox and rabbit print that's on the gallery page. This one is smaller - from working on A3 with the fox and rabbit to A4 with the next two pieces. No real reason for doing this other than I couldn't afford to get more A3 lino when I was ordering it last, and besides, I think it'll look nice with the size difference when all three are done.

It occurred to me as I was doing the previous piece that it would work well with the story I'd written about the Rabbit in the Moon, and these next pieces are references to it too, featuring other minor animals mentioned in it. Here we have the Badger and the Stag - or really Buck to be accurate. As much as I would have liked to have a stag with a nice rack of antlers, I didn't have enough room, so had to go with a Roe buck instead with handily smaller antlers. It's looking okay at the moment, I'm pretty happy with the deer and badger, but I'm not entirely convinced with the ivy, so I may revisit that. The plan is to get both pieces planned and drawn out before transferring them to lino and then getting them cut out.

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