Work in progress

On the desk at the moment we have this:

I do love Kingfishers - they're among my favourite birds, and have that same compact shape that Hummingbirds do, so I guess there's a reason I like both. The other reason is of course the colour - to say that I love colour is something of a vast understatement. I think colour is the most powerful tool a designer or artist has to use to say something, whether that's a specific message or just to point out that this object is bloody beautiful because of it. I must admit that Kingfisher blue is possibly my favourite colour (although it's difficult to pin me down to that as Robin's Egg blue is also lovely, as is the combination of green and grey in Iceland... [insert long list of favourite colours here]), there's just something about the vibrant not-quite green of the blue that I think is stunning. I've only ever seen a Kingfisher in the wild once, and that was in Maidstone of all places. It was just the briefest of blue flashes, but it couldn't have been anything else. So, the plan for this piece is to finish it off obviously! I have to lay down the grey of the wings in watercolour first, and then once that's dry I can start working over the top with coloured pencil. I'm liking this technique at the moment as ti allows me to get some strong colour down first with the paint, and then build it up with the pencils. Doing it just with paint would be doable, but not with as much control, and I simply couldn't get the vibrancy of colour with pencils alone - plus it'd take AGES to do. This is a big piece too, on A2 paper, so hopefully it'll be striking once it's done and and the gold background is in as well.

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