A New Year, a new start

So, here we are at the start of a new year, and as I look out the window, the sun is shining, so I'll take that as a good omen of things to come. As I said on the front page, I've found it difficult being creative and doing my (not so) new job. It's the same pattern I lived with for 12 years while working in Kent: wake up too early, drive to work stressed and anxious, work, drive home wondering why I was stressed and anxious, get home, eat, go to bed. Repeat. I'd do small bits and pieces of creative work on the weekends if I felt in the mood, but productivity has dropped way down. As you also know, I haven't updated the site since September, and when the reminder came in December to renew the site's subscription, I was seriously tempted to let it run out. I'm glad I didn't though, as I've actually used the site a lot in the last few months, well, shown it to people anyway, and on the whole - universally in fact - the feedback has been positive, so it's here for another year. I want to be more disciplined with the start of the new year and do three updates a week. This might mean that there isn't a regular schedule for Monkey King or Mass Instruction like there was, but something will be done three times a week. I hope that his gives me the motivation to do small creative things during term time instead of vegging and leaving it to the holidays. We'll see how it goes! To kick things off are this post for a start, but I've also updated the gallery to show the latest work that I've been slack and haven't put up. Chief among them at the moment (because I just finished it) is this piece:

Rabbit in the Moon 1

And this one:

Rabbit in the Moon 2

Another linocut print - I really am enjoying this medium and the reductive technique - that's where I slowly destroy the block as I go to lay down colour. For this piece I actually wanted the outline, so the coloured version was a bonus of sorts as I went along as it seemed like a shame to waste the opportunity. I have to say that it come out really well, and as you may be aware, I am rarely overly pleased or proud of my work, but I am with this one. It's a pig print - A3 - so it took a fair bit of work to get there (and is actually a nice example of doing small bits of creative work when I can at the weekends to keep me ticking over), but I'm really pleased with the result. There's only 10 copies of the coloured version - and will only ever be 10 copies! - so if you're interested in buying one, do get in touch. The black and white ones I can do multiple copies as the block will stay as it is now. The starting point for this piece was a tattoo I saw on one of the design sites I look at, and the rabbit is taken from that tattoo, everything else grew from there, and it's only slightly coincidental that it could be based on a short children's story that I wrote a while back about the Rabbit in the moon. It didn't start off that way, but this would do pretty well as the cover for that story. It occurs to me that it might be an idea to put Rabbit in the Moon up on the site at some point : ) Not too sure what is next on the desk - I have a large kingfisher to finish off, or I might start companion pieces to Rabbit in the Moon. We'll see : )

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