Sold to the man with the magnificent moustache!

It's been a busy few days here at koneri towers - lots of cutting, printing, drawing and painting. After the red acrylic didn't really work, I got online and ordered some proper red printing ink, and some gold too. I am a sucker for metallic gold in my work.

I was a bit dismayed when the red turned up - it looks distinctly pink rather than a bright red, and although it does dry a little bit darker, it's still not really what I wanted (and I could have saved myself some time and cash as it looks exactly like the 'red' printing ink in the local art shop which I didn't buy because it looked pink! [and was half the price!]). So, being the creative type I am, I took a chance and mixed in a bit of the red acrylic to beef it up a bit, and it seems to have worked - hurrah!

The gold ink is lovely, really thick and sticky and it goes on a dream, and it looks fantastic on red paper. And the background pattern looks great on the pieces as well. So good in fact that I've already researched some other repeat patterns to have a go with... although I might have to print the images out at my brother's house so I can measure them and figure them out, doing it off screen might make my head hurt!

I've also done a big A2 piece based off the stag and my geeky mythology knowledge. I do have a thing for anthropomorphised animals, and gods are always interesting, so a piece on Cernunnos was bound to happen sooner or later. He turned out pretty well, and no sooner had I printed the background and had sent the picture to a few friends than he'd sold! I think that was my quickest sale yet - before the ink had even had time to dry! Another friend is interested in a similar piece too, so I'll get going on that today.

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