Magpies - continued

Why I should feel guilty about not doing any work on these on Christmas Day or Boxing Day I don't know, but feel guilty I did! So I got my act together this morning and got working. Colour laid down and subsequently built up, and once I was satisfied, I could add the gold gouache and bronze pigments in the background.

The background is always a bit of a nervous but exciting stage because I never know what will happen once I drop the water onto the paper. I can anticipate the way in which it will flow and can guide it a little, but it really is random - which is why I could faithfully reproduce the magpies, but not the background, so every piece is unique. Dropping the bronze pigments in randomly helps with that too.

The piece is doing now, and once it is I think I might go in there with some coloured pencil to pick out some of the blues and add a bit more variation in colour. I won't be able to do too much pencil work as the paper is too soft and textured to take it really well. Once that's done I can print on my signature and get it posted off to the client : )

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