Blog 1! Magpies wip

One of the things that I really quite like doing, and that people seem to like to see is my work in progress, and how it comes together. Hopefully, now I have the site up and running, and I have this handy blog section, that will be a little bit easier! ​I finished a piece at the start of the week that took me weeks to do because I'd chosen to work in coloured pencils. Lovely tools, but my goodness so slow! The piece I'm working on today (which is for a dear friend) is coming along much quicker because I've gone back to good old pen and ink! As you can see, as soon as the ink goes on it starts to come alive. To get that in coloured pencil... well, you couldn't as pencils don't give you that level of saturation, so it would take a much longer time, building up layer after layer after layer. With ink, one layer: bosh, done!

I'm waiting for the ink to dry now so I can get going on the watercolour for the wings. I used to use sumi ink (I love the smell of sumi ink. It's Chinese or Japanese ink and it's a wonderful medium to use.) and have to put that on last as it wasn't waterproof, but now I use waterproof ink and I can put the watercolour right over the top of it and don't have to worry about the ink bleeding and running all over the place. Once it's dry I can start putting in the blue on the wings.

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